Friday, September 20, 2013

Colorado Flood Survivors in Greeley, Colorado receive Muffins

Castle Marne B&B co-owner Louie Feher-Peiker, just returned from delivering "Operation Muffin Drop" to survivors of the 2013 Colorado Flood.  If you've been reading my recent blogs you know that every year we mail home baked muffins overseas to our fighting men and women in war zones.

After seeing the devastating damage on t.v. to thousands and thousands of homes, roads and entire towns, we decided to send our muffins up the road 60 miles north of Denver to the town of Greeley, in Weld County.  Greeley was among the least damaged of the towns inundated in Colorado's most destructive natural disaster.

This morning, just days after the Big Thompson, Cache La Poudre and Platte rivers roared down the mountains through towns, cities, neighborhoods, homes and fields wiping entire communities off the map, out onto the high plains of Colorado, the flood waters are still up to the tops of their banks.  Streets, yards, fields are still flooded.  He said there is filthy water everywhere.

The closer he drove to the food bank of Weld County, the traffic slowed to a virtual crawl.  He sat in a long line of cars waiting to be let into the parking lot of a large one-story cinderblock building.  Lines of people were standing patiently, waiting to get in to pick up a box of food.  He said the sight broke his heart.  Walking amongst the hundreds of people standing in line, he looked at his arms full of muffins and felt totally ineffectual.  He told me the sheer overwhelming need of these people dwarfed our humble offering.

The volunteers at the food bank greeted Louie with warm smiles and heartfelt gratitude.  They told him they'd been waiting for him so they could pack the children's lunches with our muffins as the dessert.

Louie looked around the giant warehouse space filled with people collecting their meals for the next few days.  He told me it was all he could do to not cry.

Now my husband is not one to easily become emotional, but the overwhelming need was almost too much to bear.  So if you are reading this blog, please go to now to make a small difference in these peoples's lives.  The people of Colorado thank you.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vet's and Active Duty Soldiers win a FREE night at Castle Marne B&B

For the 4th year in a row Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast thanks our Vets and Active Military Personnel with a free night.  Once again we host a drawing and award 19 lucky couples to a romantic night in TripAdvisor's #1 B&B in Denver!  We have two nights reserved for our Vet's Day drawing.  November 8th and again November 10th.

 For more information and to put your name in the drawing, please contact Melissa at or call 303-331-0621
This is a group photo of some very happy folks enjoying their stay at Castle Marne B&B for Veteran's Day.

On behalf of the family and staff of Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast in Denver, thank you to all our active and retired military and your families for all you do.  You've served us, now it's our turn to serve you!

Operation Muffin Drop goes to victims of Colorado's floods

For the last several years Castle Marne has sent home made muffins overseas to our military personnel in war zones.   We named this effort "Operation Muffin Drop".  This year, the family decided to send our muffins closer to home, just up the road in fact.

Our muffins are on their way to comfort some of the youngest of the survivors of Colorado's 500-1000 year floods in Weld County.  Children who have been displaced by the unprecedented amounts of flood waters, will receive these tasty treats.  We trust that Americans fighting overseas will forgive us this year.

For those interested in helping Coloradans rebuild their lives, click on this link

Please keep the thousands of displaced people living in emergency shelters along the front range of the eastern edge of the Colorado Rockies in your hearts and prayers.  Thank you!

"Share a Bike,Explore Denver by B-cycle"

Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast thanks Denver B-cycle for opening 3 new B-stations within only 3 blocks around the bed and breakfast.  Now our guests can easily rent a great bike for touring around the city.

Just last week, a guest in Denver for a convention downtown, asked for the closest station to the b & b.  We sent him up to the 17th Ave. and Race St. Station where he paid for access to a bike for the length of his conference.  What a great way to travel around Denver whether in town for business or pleasure.

Denver opened 52 B-stations with 500 B-cycles throughout Denver for the affordable price of $8.00 for one day!  All rides under 30 minutes have no usage fee.  B-cycles will be available 365 days a year.  Click here to learn more about Denver B-cycle.  For all the great bicycle trails throughout the city, go to

Check out this great new transportation opportunity here in Denver.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colorado's Flood "It is a once in 500 years or 1,000 years situation."

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.  The state of Colorado is still reeling from the shock of this massive storm of almost biblical proportions.  Thousands of homes destroyed, hundreds of thousands of people displaced.    Despair and hope fill our minds and hearts.  How will these people live? How will they move on with their lives?

If so inspired, please click on this link and do whatever you can to help.  It will be months and years before the scars heal and people and the landscape recover.  Thank you for anything you can do.

Castle Marne B&B and the city of Denver seemed to have been spared the wrath of the storm.  Our thoughts, prayers and financial donations go out to the affected survivors and their families of this 500 - 1000 year flood.

This attached article tells the story as of today.  Please click to read more.

The family and staff of Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast thank you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Solheim Cup comes to Denver!

Castle Marne B&B Welcomes Solheim
                                      USA * EUROPE
                                                          GOLF CLUB

                        AUGUST 13-18
                        PARKER, COLORADO

The Solheim Cup features the twelve best women golfers from the US competing against the twelve best from Europe, playing not for a purse, but for national pride.    Europe took the trophy home in 2011, however the U.S. Team leads the overall competition 8-4 and is undefeated on home soil.  Come experience the excitement as the U.S. Team tries to defend its unblemished record at home.

Tuesday August 13              Team Practice Rounds
                                             Solheim After Sundown

Wednesday August 14         Team Practice Rounds

Thursday August 15             Team Practice Rounds
                                              Opening Ceremony

Friday August 16                  AM Foursome Matches (4)
                                              PM Fourball Matches (4)

Saturday 17                           Singles Matches (12)
                                              Closing Ceremony

*Children under 17 years of age and under receive a complimentary grounds pass when accompanied by a ticketed adult.

Practice Day E-Ticket $37, Match Day E-Ticket $67, Match Day Commemorative Pass $70, 
Weekly E-Ticket $127, Weekly Commemorative Pass $130
Admission to the tournament grounds, including access to public bleachers, restrooms, and concessions, as well as Opening Ceremony (Thursday) and Closing Ceremony (Sunday).

Weekly E-ticket $277, Weekly Commemorative Pass $280
Week-long individual admission to the tournament grounds and to the PING Pavilion (located adjacent to the 15th fairway), a climate controlled environment with a patio, seating areas, televisions, restrooms, and a pay-as-you-go menu.

Individual: $125, Corporate Tale: $1000
This "can't miss" kick-off event ticket gives you access to the tournament grounds, preferred parking and PING Pavilion on Tuesday, August 13, and admission to Solheim After Sundown, which will be held in the PING Pavilion beginning at 5p.m.  It also includes dinner, a silent auction and live entertainment.

The Solheim Cup offers unique opportunities to entertain clients at this once in a lifetime event, including private on course villas and chalets, all inclusive clubhouse tickets, ticket packages, expo, and other advertising options.

For more information please click on these links:

Monday, May 6, 2013

The difference one day can make!

Shirtsleeve weather at Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast April 30th

                                          April 30th

                                         May Day, May 1st.
                                          Garden shot of about 7 inches of snow

                                          May 2nd.  The difference a day makes!  Can you believe it?